Popular face-lifting wave Bobo hair type

To talk about this wave head, this is what many people like, but Bobo head is a short-haired one after all. If you like short hair for a while and like long hair, what should you do? Just come to a wig, take a look at the face-lifting wave hair style pictures:

Pear flower head short curly hair wig set Net red favorite explosion! The big scalp is more realistic and natural, and the top of the head is naturally fluffy and can be printed at will. Modified face shape, super thin, literary and small fresh, small face more temperament. Ultra-thin air bangs, natural curvature, not easy to deform, the top of the head is naturally fluffy, ultra-thin and more breathable.

Thin face wave Bobo hair type this wig you deserve

Handsome mushroom head wig set Cute fashion is full of youthful sunshine, whether it is a girl mushroom head or a boy mushroom head will never exit the fashion stage. The thick Qi Liuhai makes people’s eyes a little concentrated. The hair on both sides can be seen in the earlobe, giving a healthy and lively impression!

Air bangs Bobo hair head wig Fresh air bangs, curved design, modified face, age-reducing nature, make MM look younger. Natural temperament buckles, instantly enhances the grace of the goddess, allowing you to earn a return rate. Matte high temperature hair, no reflection does not shine, simulation big scalp, real nature!

Bobo hair

RealĀ  hair perm wig Fashionable curly hair, both sides of the hair can just modify the face. Hand-woven scalp technology, sweat-absorbing and breathable, comfortable to wear, breathable and anti-static. The high-end mixing process makes the setting effect better and more realistic. The original bionic hair follicle structure keeps the hair moving naturally and the overall shape is more realistic.

Bobo hair head Qi Liu Haitou hood Selected imported high temperature flame retardant silk material, close to the real hair material, after matte treatment, realistic and natural, high quality imported rose intranet, bring comfort. Slender horns, streamlined long horns, perfect for perfect face. Sha Xuan Bo Bo head, stylish pretty style, more pretty cute!

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How to look at the curly ponytail

Curly ponytail, this itself has two hair styles, but this can be combined to become a haircut directly, how do you look at the curly pony tail?

Curly ponytail, have you ever seen this hairstyle, the hair style itself is two kinds, the result is now to become a hairstyle, how to look good with curly hair ponytail.

How to make a curly ponytail look good

The first step: This is a relatively fluffy long curly hair style. The long hair that has been combed back has a micro-curly shape, which is simple and atmospheric. Now we have to make the hair combed first.

The second step: the hair combed back into a low curly ponytail, using a small rubber band similar to the hair color to fix the hair, a very simple step.

Step 3: Select a black hair band and fix the hair band at the hair root. The hair band should be about the same length as the hair. It is also possible to use a long hair. Don’t be too short.

curly ponytail

Step 4: Wrap the hair band irregularly around the curly ponytail. Although it is irregular, you should also pay attention to the spacing of the hair band. Don’t get too close.

Step 5: The key steps are coming. The hair ends of the hair band are fixed. The irregular fold-shaped ponytail is not very novel. The fixed curls with the hair band are not too fluffy.

Step 6: The hair at the top of the hair should also have a good visual effect. This hair will make a fluffy line of hair that is combed back, and a simple and generous ponytail hair style.

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Korean style fresh wig Zhafa play summer trend

In the summer, the sister papers all want to tie their hair, which is more cool and clean. However, some MM suspect that their hair is not full enough, or the length is not enough, it is more ugly to tie up. What should I do?

Today, Aimei Xiaobian brings you several Korean-style fresh hair wigs, so that you can easily grasp the trend of summer hair.

The first one: long straight hair wig


The brown wig is natural in color and gives off white and transparent skin. The mid-length Liu Hai temperament is outstanding, and the long tail of the show is particularly small and fresh.

Second paragraph: Long curly hair wig


The long side of the long bangs sticks to the ear along the cheeks, refreshing and clean. The fluffy long curly hair wig is full of femininity.

The third paragraph: long ponytail hair wig


A long hair tail wig with a very strong sense of playfulness. Qi Liuhai wig film repair effect is very obvious, tied low side of the long ponytail, attached to the wig, and then tied with a hair band into a bamboo-like shape, playful and chic.

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