Five hot summer short hair to understand

It is said that cutting short hair is a big test of the value of the face, do you dare to accept the challenge? Today, take a look at the 5 2018’s most fashionable short hair styles, each with its own beauty.

Fresh school girl

short hair

The hair of the school girl’s head is generally straight and the short hair is fresh and natural. The hair extensions like Zheng Shuang is slightly more intimate. The face of Liu Hai’s school girl can modify the face to look small. Oh.

It is not hot, but it is treated in color, length and thickness. It is clean and convenient.

California Volume WOB Head

short hair

This short hairstyle combines the sun and the sexy, and reveals the exquisiteness in the casual. Different lengths of California girl rolls also have different feelings.

Very short Pixie

short hair

Although many people like this style, they are afraid that their faces are not small enough to hold. In fact, we can modify the face shape through the style of bangs. Lily collin and Gao Junxi interpret this style very well and have a good aura.

Retro wave roll

short hair

In addition to the retro atmosphere, this hairstyle adds a lot of femininity and maturity. Very light and mature woman’s charm.

French bangs BoBo head

short hair

The French bangs are slightly thicker than the air bangs, and they look more elegant and advanced. The density of the bangs is natural, the hair and the bangs have a slight curvature, with a lazy atmosphere and a small femininity.

Do you have any of these five short hair styles? It’s time to cut a short hair to prove your high value!

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2018 most popular medium long hair perm

Medium-length hair is especially popular among girls, and it is the focus of good-looking girls. To make yourself look more beautiful, the following 2018 most popular medium and long hair perm is definitely not to be missed.

The medium-length hair perm of the large-volume hot roll design is really nice~ For the sister paper with less hair volume, choose a medium-length perm hair style with a fluffy air-sensing roll design to help you increase the volume. In addition to the ability to quickly increase the value and temperament.


long hair perm

In 2018, the long hair perm is popular, and the long hair perm of the large roll is really nice. For the sister paper with less hair volume, choose a fluffy airy hot roll design.

In addition to helping you increase your hair volume, hair style can quickly increase your face value and temperament. The wave-shaped large-volume perm is matched with the sexy slut’s partial valgus and the long bangs temperament is greatly increased. The dyeing of a white linen and smoky blue hair dye is even more difficult.


long hair perm

Perm is liked by many sister papers, and there are more and more perm. How can we stand out from the crowd? Try this Korean big roll with long hair perm~ and the upper part of the long hair in the chest stays natural Feeling, the design of the lower half of the small volume of hot rolls looks casual and natural, but at the same time it is too beautiful to be lazy and sexy.


long hair perm

A good-looking girl will make people want to see more eyes when they go. It is more perfect to cut a good-looking hairstyle. The medium-length hair is favored by many sister papers. What kind of long hair is popular this year? The medium and long hair perm of the hot roll design is very popular nowadays.

The medium-length hair is full of Korean-style flavors from the large-volume S-shaped curls at the ear, and the Korean style of the bangs with the eclipse of the Korean style has become soft and generous. Han Fan is full of temperament.


long hair perm

Short hair is difficult to control, long hair is difficult to manage? So long and long hair is a very good choice, long and short hair, long hair, Korean micro-volume elements, wild and eye-catching, medium long hair from the middle position slightly hot The curvature of the large volume is simple and exquisite, and the tail hair is cut out and the layered feeling is added. The design of the fluffy hot roll can also visually increase the hair volume.

The inner volume of the air bangs is covered by the forehead. The sense of curvature makes the whole shape more stereoscopic and natural, and it is very fashionable without dyeing hair.

The medium long hair is really suitable for perm. This medium long hair perm hairstyle has a very modified face shape from the ear part. It has a small face with the upper part of the bangs face. The five senses also set off a more three-dimensional, easy to create a temperament goddess fan.

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Fashion short curly hair

Speaking of this year’s popular girls hairstyle, I believe that everyone must first think of short hair! Of course, girls with short hair will be fashionable and look good after adding hot dye! How do you look good in short curly hair? How do short hairs look good? I want to know what short haircuts are good for girls?

Air bangs short curly hair

curly hair

How do you say that short hair is hot? Try this style of short hair with a beautiful Korean style. The short hair perm is recommended by Xiaobian. The overall short hair is hot and the volume of the egg roll is bright and comfortable. The hair curl is obviously more obvious. Lovely, with linen hair to add fashion trends.

Medium short curly hair

curly hair

If you are worried about short curly hair, you just don’t know the short hair care skills correctly. Not as complicated as everyone believes, it is very convenient and fashionable to use this short-cut perm hairstyle. The hair is hot and the wavy curl is very fashionable. With a temperament, the hair is fluffy and very thin, and now the classic brown hair is a perfect fashion.

Short curly hair

curly hair

How do short hair look good? There are many different ways to fit short hair. Like the cute style of beauty, you can put a short hair and a half of the ball head, take the right amount of hair on the top of the head to take out the shape of the ball head, the rest of the hair can be casually scattered, and the fashion trend of the grandmother gray hair with the true trend and the age effect.

Hair tail curly hair

curly hair

What is the short hair? Such a curvature in the middle and lower parts of the short hair is also a super good choice, so that the short hair does not look dull and dull, can greatly increase the fashion sense of short hair style, can be a few hair in front of the forehead And the hot roll plays the role of modifying the face shape, which is a short hair style that is very worthy of everyone’s choice.

Eversion short curly hair

curly hair

When it comes to girls’ short hair perm hair style, the most popular ones must have a haircut short hair style. The hair style is also a short hair style that is surrounded by many female stars in this year’s entertainment circle. It’s very simple, just need to burn out the outer roll design at the end of the hair, can create a female’s playful gram and age-reducing effect, with a partial design to make the face smaller.

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Girls Fireworks Hot Hair Select Series

Fireworks hot, perm type, fluffy shape, full of movement, obvious curling effect, with a sense of three-dimensional expansion, making the top of the head round and full, plus the irregular trimming of the bangs, showing conflict and harmonious effect, can make Asians flatter The facial features appear to be three-dimensional.

Girls fireworks hot hair one

This is the first Korean style fresh and sweet girl fireworks hot hair, linen color hair color with stylish fireworks hot hair fashion and look good, shawl long hair from the ear side to start the fireworks hot roll, hair curling light and smooth lines Feminine and generous, the whole shape is full and full of three-dimensional shape to increase the amount of visually, plus the bangs design of the four or six oblique points perfectly wrapped in the face-shaped cover, which is extraordinarily fresh and sweet.

Fireworks Hot Hair

Girls fireworks hot hair two

The same is a Korean style fireworks perm hairstyle, the long hair is fluffy fireworks and hot rolls, the whole hair style is naturally light, the forehead of the bangs is simply turned backwards and fixed with a hair clip to the back of the head to reveal the forehead, and the simple and sweet, simple and sweet, Plus the dark brown hair color, the whole shape is more low-key and simple compared with the traditional fireworks hot hair. I don’t like the too exaggerated type of perm hair paper worth a try.

Girls fireworks hot hair three

This fireworks has a long hair style and a three-dimensional sense of extravagant style. The long hair starts to roll from the ear, and the hair is light and smooth. It looks cute and has a sense of charm, fashion and eyesight. UPUPUP, coupled with the airy bangs of the airy eyebrows, is more cute and cute, and adds a stylish and sexy look.

Girls fireworks hot hair four

Fireworks Hot Hair

Fluffy hot-rolled fireworks with long hair and a neatly trimmed Qi Liuhai are stylish and sweet. The whole personality is light and fluffy and full of jumping, giving a strong visual impact, and the slightly smashed Qi Liuhai reduces the fluffiness of the whole shape. The degree looks fresher and sweeter, and the stylish linen color makes it more fashionable and fashionable.

Girls fireworks hot hair five

The three-dimensional design of the fireworks and long hair style is full of fluffy and full-bodied. The pursuit of fashion and personality MM must not miss this fashionable fireworks long hair style, long hair after the fireworks hot roll looks more full and full It is suitable for girls with less hair volume, and with the ninth obliquely arc-shaped bangs perfect for slimming.

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Fashionable ponytail tied

Suitable for MM ponytail tying method with less hair, this kind of hair magic is more suitable for girls with less hair volume, and the hair curling volume is better! Roll the ponytail around a circle and gradually fix the hair tip part. It’s better to try it now!


Suitable for MM ponytail binding method with less hair

Step 1. Raise the pony tail at the top and break up

Leave the bangs, and the rest of the hair is concentrated on the upper rear to raise the ponytail, and the hair bundle is broken by hand.
Suitable for MM ponytail binding method with less hair

Step 2, loosening the fixed hair bundle to create a sense of nature


Take part of the hair bundle of the ponytail and pull it loose around it. Use a side clip or a clevis to fix the hair tip to create a random effect.

Mature V-shaped bangs

Today’s popular focus is centered on the inverted V-word Liu Hai. Through the inverted straight V-shaped bangs transformed by the basic straight-knit Liu Hai, the bangs are naturally connected to the silhouette of the cheeks, which is also the continuation of the retro streamline. The classic technique.


I believe that every girl has encountered it, and now I will teach you how to get rid of such a shackle. In the future, no matter where you are disobedient, you can do it easily and easily!

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Share the latest fashion OL hairstyles

There is a talk in the workplace, the image is good and the treatment will be higher. This is true regardless of whether it is true or not, but it is very clear that a woman in the workplace has a better image, which will leave a good impression on the boss and the client, and will also help the work. Dedication of work.

So how do women in the workplace create their own image? To transform your image, you must start with the “head” and create a fashion OL hairstyle in the workplace, showing your elegance.

The latest fashion OL hairstyle to create a beautiful temperament

Very refreshing girl and hair extensions in the shoulders. The slanting bangs slightly cover the face, the length of the hair is just right, and it seems to be capable and elegant. The hairstyles is fluffy and full of air, and the low-key dark brown hair color reveals a sense of fashion, which is very eye-catching.


The hair is slightly subdivided, and the long bangs are smothered and combed to modify the face shape. The low-pitched but low-tailed ponytail hair looks very elegant and attractive. It is matched with the chestnut brown hair color and the fresh and generous professional wear, which makes the temperament reveal.


The bangs in the middle bring a powerful sorcerer’s gas field, and the dark brown medium-length curly hair is arbitrarily placed on the shoulders, with a bright white suit, very refreshing and capable.


Short slanted bangs to modify the face, medium and long curly hair all dialed to one side, a slight smile, naturally exudes confidence and charming femininity. A light mature woman in the workplace can’t miss it.

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Several chic ties of ponytail

All hairstyles determine a person’s temperament. Among the many hairstyles of girls, the ponytail is one of the most lively and lovely hairstyles, which symbolizes youthful vitality and vitality. Regarding the ponytail, there is not only the simplest and primitive method, but also a variety of alternative ponytails.

The winding ponytail

The sisters started from the initial, the simplest ponytail, pulling a bunch of hair from the pony tail, the simplest change around the hair, first combing the hair, then grabbing the hair into a high ponytail Hair style, put the hair high, first tie the hair, then consider the way the back hair is made into a scorpion.


After the ponytail is tied, grab a few small strands of hair, then wrap the hair around the roots and wrap the hair roots, forming a nice ponytail hairstyle. It won’t be as monotonous as an ordinary ponytail, with simplicity and simplicity.

High twist ponytail

First of all, you need to sort out one of your twists, first tie it up like a high ponytail. It is best to use the middle point of the future as an indicator.


After the ponytail is tied, the braid can be woven, first divided into three parts, and then interlaced and woven into a twist. Such a girl’s high ponytail twists will be completed.

The vitality of the ponytail

The towering ponytail allows you to get rid of the long hair and change your body. Add the most popular techniques for tying ponytails and add a bit of scent to your hair ends.

Step1: Combing all the hair together with a comb (the higher the more refreshing).


Step2: Take out a disposable rubber band to fix the bangs.

Step3: Then take a bunch of hair wrapped around the hairpin, hide the rubber band and fix the hairpin with a hairpin. This high ponytail is tied.

Bubble ponytail

How do you look at the ponytail? 7 unique ways of ponytail

Bubbles and ponytails will be more cute and playful, suitable for young girls.

Step1, comb the hair, tie a high horsetail;

Step2, take a small bundle of hair around the hair roots, cover the traces of the rubber band;

Step3, splitting and puncture the ponytail;

Step4, scrape down to fluffy shape;


Step5, use a rubber band to tie a part of the horse’s tail, remember to keep the ponytail fluffy;

Step6, tie it in two-thirds of the place, pay attention to keep the fluffy feeling when you tie it;

Small tips, according to the actual situation of your hair, if the remaining hair is longer, you can also tie it. If the remaining hair is not as close to the two hair bundles above, then don’t tie it.

Double string braided ponytail

This bangs-free fresh hair style is fixed, and the angelic face is unreservedly revealed, exuding a cute and pure little lady temperament.

The first step: take a small amount of hair from the top left position of the top of the hair into a ponytail and then poke a small hole to pass the pony tail through the small hole to show the effect on the picture.


Step 2: Take a small amount of hair along the hairpin of the ponytail and poke it into the ponytail in the same way. Note that the ponytail that was first plucked passes through the pony tail.

Step 3: Tie the remaining hair into a ponytail on the left side and tie it into the same effect.

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Sweet little girl Qi Liu Bobo hair

The little girl who cut Qi Bobo hair has a lovely feeling of enthusiasm. The temperament brought by Qi Liu’s temperament is even more exciting. I want to take it home and raise it. The following cute little girls are together. Liu Haibo wave hair type, cut a piece for your baby, let her enjoy the happy time.

Little girl Qi Liu Bobo hair enjoys happy hours

Bobo hair

The little girl has a fresh and tidy Qi Liu Haibo wave head, the neat and fluffy wave hair style brings full of cute temperament, the neat bangs have a round little face, people can’t help but want to poke, This is a cute little girl who belongs to the little girl!

Bobo hair

The black Bobo hair has the purest atmosphere. A Qi Liu Hai brings a sweet and lovely feeling to the little girls. The cute little face has a sweet smile, as if to merge the hearts and minds. You have a sweet blow.

Bobo hair

The clean and tidy Qi Liu Bobo hair is definitely the best hairstyle for cute little girls. It has the freshest and cute temperament. The round face and big eyes can bring you more cute feelings, with a wave head. It’s just awesome.

Bobo hair

The little girl with a sweet smile has an uplifting atmosphere. The black Qi Liu Bobo hair gives you more fresh and lovely feelings. The bright smile on the small face of the flesh creates a joy for you. Time.

Bobo hair

The length of this Bobo hair is just the distance from the cheek. The round and fleshy face is full of childlike innocence and innocence. A simple white dress is more pure and lovely, creating the best childhood for you. Time.

Bobo hair

Big eyes give you more sense of agility, supple black wave hair style is fresh and lovely, a neat Liu Hai exudes more lingering feeling, cute little girl can always get more people’s favorite .

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Female long hair hairstyle

Who said that the long hair is not new? Today, I will bring the long-haired girl a diagram of the creative and fashionable long hair.
This kind of long hair simple illustration can make the girl easily create a creative ponytail, showing the pure fresh hair of the exclusive female youth. child. Young literary and young women, come and try this fashionable method of tying hair.

Step 1: Hair hair


Put the bangs in front of the forehead to the back of the head, and then use the pointed tail comb to comb the hair at the top of the head to make the hair on the top of the head fluffy, so that the top of the head is more full and beautiful. If the hair is too docile, use a hair styling agent at the hair root before combing the hair so that the hair roots become loose.

Step 2: Curly hair bundle


A small layer is separated from the hair that is separated in step one, and the layer near the scalp is bent in the direction of the hand, and the curvature of the drum is bent. This step is the key to getting your hair on your head. When you complete this step, you will see a good-looking rake in the hair above your head.

Step 3: Binding the pony tail


Use the hairpin to fix the already rolled hair, so be careful not to reveal the hairpin. In order to make the horsetail have a good looking curl, you can also use the curling iron to roll the hair tail inward, so that the line of the ponytail hairstyle will be more natural and vivid. Xiao Bian suggested that you must pay attention to the height of the pony tail fixed to the quarter of the head, so this is the best height of the pony tail.

Step 4: Winding the hair bundle


Combing the hair in the head area back, fix it with the horsetail, and take a strand of hair from the pony tail around the knot to hide the hair ring. This is both sleek and stylish.

Step 5: Fix


Finally, use the hairpin to fix the wound hair. In order to prevent the hairstyle from loosening, you can fix it with a few hairpins at the bottom of the horsetail. Be careful not to expose the card. Such a sophisticated OL-type chic ponytail is complete!

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Beautiful curly hair care tips

Good-looking curls are difficult to manage, which is what many women know. But women are born to love beauty, so they love beautiful curly hair. So, is the curly hair style really difficult to manage? Beauty skin care experts tell you that it is not difficult. Master the correct care skills for beautiful curls and your curls will always be perfect.

Increase the number of cleaning of oily curls

curly hair

If you are an oily hair, it is easy to stick to the scalp after the curls, so that the original fluffy hair looks awkward. If you want to make the curls become fluffy, the easiest way is to increase the number of shampoos. This can effectively relieve the oily hair and make the hair look fresh and fluffy.

Anytime elastic curly hair DIY hollow roll

curly hair

This is a method of curling that does not harm the hair and is suitable for dry hair. When the hair is 70% dry, divide the hair into hairpins 1 to 3 cm wide, then roll them evenly into curls, fix them with hair clips, then spray the shaped products, and remove the curls when dry. can.

Care solution containing almond oil

curly hair

For curly hair that is burnt and dry, the best way is to use high-nutrient nutrition for care. Hair experts recommend using an almond-containing serum to care for the hair, which increases the intensity of the hair and makes the hair healthier and more voluminous. This is because the almond essence is more likely to penetrate into the damaged hair and repair it from the inside of the hair, so that the hair is quickly restored to health!

Hair curling hair that does not hurt hair

curly hair

When using a hair dryer to blow curls, care should be taken to blow from the hair roots toward the end of the hair, otherwise the scales of the hair’s epidermis will be blown over, causing the hair to suffer damage that could have been avoided. In addition, the hair dryer should move along the direction of the comb, and the hair can produce luster, which is bright and not easy to shape.

The above is the way to care for beautiful curls. If you are also curly and want to make your hair last longer, just try these tips.

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