Suitable for hair color with short hair perm

After cutting short hair, many people are doing hot dyeing. Although it is not recommended to do hot dyeing together, the package will often be cheaper and save a lot of time. What color is good after short hair? Recommend the following for everyone.

Daylight purple hair color

hair color

As the annual fashion color, UV light has also been the focus of a quarter. How to integrate purple into hair color? Recommend this beautiful daylight purple for everyone, it is beautiful blue-violet in the light, the interior is low-key, the black light may be black, suitable for the white-skinned girl, if it is purple-gray, black and yellow The sister can also try it.

Honey tea hair color

hair color

The linen color has always been a popular explosion color. Many of the popular brown color systems are actually in the middle of the linen color. The name is listening to a bit of bad street, but it is really super white, and this hairstyle is also picking people. What skin color and age can be controlled, there is no worry about dressing and matching. I don’t know what color to dye and want to be fashionable. It is recommended to try this honey tea hair color, short hair dye better look.

Orange soda hair color

hair color

Before the hair color, it was super fire in the summer. It was the Korean actress Kim Jong Ya with fire. In 2018, she also became one of the popular colors of the year. I recommend this tape in hair extensions for the sisters who have shoulder hair or short hair. The tail is slightly thinner, with a hair color that is full of summer, very fresh and very white, a young lady can try.

Milk tea hair color

hair color

It is recommended to try this milk tea color, although it is not obvious, but it is also a very white hair color, not only your skin white or skin yellow can control, in the popular hair color is a relatively warm one, If the skin color is not very good, it is strongly recommended to try this hair color!

Caramel hair color

hair color

Short hair caramel color is also a very good color, in fact, it is a light brown effect, the color is high under the eyes, the honey-like sweetness, the fresh warm color is more white everyday!

Chocolate hair color

hair color

Short hair chocolate hair color, if you are a normal skin color, then you can dye this color, it will not be very yellow, and it will not be completely like no dye. Compared with black, it is slightly brighter, and it is low-key. Temperament, a hair color that can be controlled by the workplace.

Gold brown hair color

hair color

If you want to be fashionable, you must add some gold. Golden brown is the most common type of short hair color. The color is conspicuous, and the wave head is super nice! With thin bangs is more white and gentle, many Korean ladies are this hair color.

Light linen gold hair color

hair color

The short-haired light gold effect is more biased to the European and American style. After adding the linen color, it gives people a feeling of mixed blood. This hair color is recommended for girls with small hair color and very white skin. It is very fashionable and very fashionable. color.

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