Long and short hair Texture perm hair

Texture perm hair is a dynamic, fluffy and lively shape. Compared with the natural atmosphere of the wave, the texture is more lively and individual. It is the reason why many young girls love the texture.

Texture hot is a dynamic and fluffy shape. It is a curly hair with a large curvature from the root. It uses the curvature of perm to create a flowing and lively feeling. It is a style that many girls will try. It is suitable for both long hair and short hair. Oh.

Girls texture perm hair one:

Texture perm hair

The patchwork Texture perm hair is matched with the burgundy hair color, and the overall shape is gorgeous and gorgeous. The obliquely designed short shoulder hair exudes a hint of mature femininity. From the back, the overall hairstyle is more individual, and the clean and refreshing feeling is pleasing.

Girls texture perm hair two:

Texture perm hair

The dense texture of the perm is light and lovely, the brown hair and the texture of the hot curls complement each other, coupled with a light blue knit hat, so that the soft and fluffy perm looks more three-dimensional, very suitable for a summer style.

Girls texture perm hair three:

Texture perm hair

The texture of this egg roll head is a very youthful shape. The texture hot design from the root of the hair makes the whole hair style more abundant. The air bangs and the curly hair on both sides can be repaired. The effect of face-lifting face can be changed in style and unforgettable.

Girls texture perm hair four:

Texture perm hair

The biggest feature of this texture hot hair is that it is straight up and down, the hair on the top of the head is straight and straight, the hair in the lower part is full of curls, and the hair color of the linen light is very impressive. It is very impressive and very suitable. A girl with a delicate face.

Girls texture perm hair five:

Texture perm hair

The texture perm that is very mature and feminine is probably the hairstyle that every girl wants to try. The natural hair color of black and white is matched with the texture perm from the hair root. The messy and orderly hair is obliquely divided. The way is more aesthetically pleasing, and it exudes an elegant and generous temperament.

Fluffy and rich texture perm is a suitable shape for both long hair and short hair, and it is very young and natural in style. It is one of the best choices for many hair styles.

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