a variety of shoulder-length hairstyles

Ordinary hair styles may mask your temperament, saying that there are no ugly women in the world, only women who can’t dress up. Changing a hairstyle may have a different effect. Here are some different styles of shoulder-length hairstyles. Compare your shoulder-length hairstyle photos according to your face and style, and find your beauty.

Generous and temperament shoulder-length hairstyle

shoulder-length hairstyles

The shape of the girl of the three or seven points, the large c-curve of the buckle, makes the hair look very full. It is a hairstyle with a more generous temperament. It is a delicate oriental beauty with a small round face. Freedom and democracy, the bold style of women who pursue happiness is on the rise.

Mori girl’s cute shoulder-length hairstyle

shoulder-length hairstyles

Cute girl image, haircut type, of course, can be made with shoulders. When the air bangs is used to modify the face shape, it is specially designed with the hair style of the Sen female style. The hair is buckled at the shoulders, and the tail is just combed on the top of the shoulder.

The curled hair has obvious characteristics. It’s not very long hair, the inner buckle tail just happens to be combed inwardly, the short hair is combed directly from the hairline, and the hair is fluffy on both sides. After the tail is slightly curled, it is directly made into a swirling effect. The hot hair is the most natural on the neck.

Buttoned shoulder hairstyle

shoulder-length hairstyles

The inner shoulders of the inner buckle are combed directly from the two sides to the inner side. The hair is fluffy and has a natural combing hair.

The tail of the inner buckle makes the face particularly delicate, and the hair ends are slightly shredded. From the two sides to the middle, there is a certain level. In the face of the sea breeze, you don’t have to worry about breaking your hair. After the level of the tail is thinned, the whole shape is more temperament.

High school students slanted Liu Haiqi hair and short hair after shoulders, when the smooth hair is taken care of, use texture to do a little bit of treatment, so that the hair is elegant but fluffy.

Small fresh shoulder hair

shoulder-length hairstyles

There is a fresh and elegant shoulder-length design, dark hair sets off the white skin, pure and beautiful, simple oblique bangs also very well modified the face. The micro-volume shoulder-length hair style, combined with the design of the bangs on the upper part, outlines the small face, and then matches the dark hair color to show the fresh and sweet style of mm.

Brown light-skinned shoulder-length hairstyle

shoulder-length hairstyles

Natural brown shoulders are fluffy and full of fluffy, while good-looking hair color can perfectly set off the white complexion, giving a feeling of full-feeling. The shoulder-length hair is designed with a perm curl for both face-lifting and face-lifting. The feminine feeling of light mature women highlights its own fashionable personality.

European and American style shoulder-length hairstyle

shoulder-length hairstyles

The shoulder-shoulder hair with European and American street style is quite novel and unique. The messy hair is flying in the wind. The loose shoulders will not give people a messy feeling. Instead, it is a natural and sexy, special bangs design. Perfect for the whole shape, it is very suitable for girls who dare to try.

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