Several chic ties of ponytail

All hairstyles determine a person’s temperament. Among the many hairstyles of girls, the ponytail is one of the most lively and lovely hairstyles, which symbolizes youthful vitality and vitality. Regarding the ponytail, there is not only the simplest and primitive method, but also a variety of alternative ponytails.

The winding ponytail

The sisters started from the initial, the simplest ponytail, pulling a bunch of hair from the pony tail, the simplest change around the hair, first combing the hair, then grabbing the hair into a high ponytail Hair style, put the hair high, first tie the hair, then consider the way the back hair is made into a scorpion.


After the ponytail is tied, grab a few small strands of hair, then wrap the hair around the roots and wrap the hair roots, forming a nice ponytail hairstyle. It won’t be as monotonous as an ordinary ponytail, with simplicity and simplicity.

High twist ponytail

First of all, you need to sort out one of your twists, first tie it up like a high ponytail. It is best to use the middle point of the future as an indicator.


After the ponytail is tied, the braid can be woven, first divided into three parts, and then interlaced and woven into a twist. Such a girl’s high ponytail twists will be completed.

The vitality of the ponytail

The towering ponytail allows you to get rid of the long hair and change your body. Add the most popular techniques for tying ponytails and add a bit of scent to your hair ends.

Step1: Combing all the hair together with a comb (the higher the more refreshing).


Step2: Take out a disposable rubber band to fix the bangs.

Step3: Then take a bunch of hair wrapped around the hairpin, hide the rubber band and fix the hairpin with a hairpin. This high ponytail is tied.

Bubble ponytail

How do you look at the ponytail? 7 unique ways of ponytail

Bubbles and ponytails will be more cute and playful, suitable for young girls.

Step1, comb the hair, tie a high horsetail;

Step2, take a small bundle of hair around the hair roots, cover the traces of the rubber band;

Step3, splitting and puncture the ponytail;

Step4, scrape down to fluffy shape;


Step5, use a rubber band to tie a part of the horse’s tail, remember to keep the ponytail fluffy;

Step6, tie it in two-thirds of the place, pay attention to keep the fluffy feeling when you tie it;

Small tips, according to the actual situation of your hair, if the remaining hair is longer, you can also tie it. If the remaining hair is not as close to the two hair bundles above, then don’t tie it.

Double string braided ponytail

This bangs-free fresh hair style is fixed, and the angelic face is unreservedly revealed, exuding a cute and pure little lady temperament.

The first step: take a small amount of hair from the top left position of the top of the hair into a ponytail and then poke a small hole to pass the pony tail through the small hole to show the effect on the picture.


Step 2: Take a small amount of hair along the hairpin of the ponytail and poke it into the ponytail in the same way. Note that the ponytail that was first plucked passes through the pony tail.

Step 3: Tie the remaining hair into a ponytail on the left side and tie it into the same effect.

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