How to tie the ponytail with hair

In summer, girls don’t want to wear long hair, so it looks very hot, and it’s very uncomfortable to work at the same time. So people will tie up and form a good ponytail hairstyle. Now we will Let’s take a look at this tie that uses hair to ponytail.

Look at the ponytail with your hair and see how the ponytail looks good

Let’s take a look at the effect of this ponytail hairstyle. The hair is a slanted bangs hairstyle, and the hair is tied into a low ponytail hairstyle, which is especially gentle and intellectual.


First comb the hair, then comb it into a low-end ponytail hair type, and then tie it up. At this time, grab the small hair on the horse’s tail.

Then use this small strand of hair to wrap around the hair root of the ponytail. At this time, the hair is wrapped around and the hair is covered with rubber bands.


Then clip the hair, so that the ponytail is basically tied with the hair, in order to make the hair look better, but also pick up the curling iron.

Then curl the bangs in front, and the hair you see at this time is a very stylish and beautiful hairstyle. There is a kind of gentleman and gentleness that is unique to girls.

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