Girls Fireworks Hot Hair Select Series

Fireworks hot, perm type, fluffy shape, full of movement, obvious curling effect, with a sense of three-dimensional expansion, making the top of the head round and full, plus the irregular trimming of the bangs, showing conflict and harmonious effect, can make Asians flatter The facial features appear to be three-dimensional.

Girls fireworks hot hair one

This is the first Korean style fresh and sweet girl fireworks hot hair, linen color hair color with stylish fireworks hot hair fashion and look good, shawl long hair from the ear side to start the fireworks hot roll, hair curling light and smooth lines Feminine and generous, the whole shape is full and full of three-dimensional shape to increase the amount of visually, plus the bangs design of the four or six oblique points perfectly wrapped in the face-shaped cover, which is extraordinarily fresh and sweet.

Fireworks Hot Hair

Girls fireworks hot hair two

The same is a Korean style fireworks perm hairstyle, the long hair is fluffy fireworks and hot rolls, the whole hair style is naturally light, the forehead of the bangs is simply turned backwards and fixed with a hair clip to the back of the head to reveal the forehead, and the simple and sweet, simple and sweet, Plus the dark brown hair color, the whole shape is more low-key and simple compared with the traditional fireworks hot hair. I don’t like the too exaggerated type of perm hair paper worth a try.

Girls fireworks hot hair three

This fireworks has a long hair style and a three-dimensional sense of extravagant style. The long hair starts to roll from the ear, and the hair is light and smooth. It looks cute and has a sense of charm, fashion and eyesight. UPUPUP, coupled with the airy bangs of the airy eyebrows, is more cute and cute, and adds a stylish and sexy look.

Girls fireworks hot hair four

Fireworks Hot Hair

Fluffy hot-rolled fireworks with long hair and a neatly trimmed Qi Liuhai are stylish and sweet. The whole personality is light and fluffy and full of jumping, giving a strong visual impact, and the slightly smashed Qi Liuhai reduces the fluffiness of the whole shape. The degree looks fresher and sweeter, and the stylish linen color makes it more fashionable and fashionable.

Girls fireworks hot hair five

The three-dimensional design of the fireworks and long hair style is full of fluffy and full-bodied. The pursuit of fashion and personality MM must not miss this fashionable fireworks long hair style, long hair after the fireworks hot roll looks more full and full It is suitable for girls with less hair volume, and with the ninth obliquely arc-shaped bangs perfect for slimming.

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