Five hot summer short hair to understand

It is said that cutting short hair is a big test of the value of the face, do you dare to accept the challenge? Today, take a look at the 5 2018’s most fashionable short hair styles, each with its own beauty.

Fresh school girl

short hair

The hair of the school girl’s head is generally straight and the short hair is fresh and natural. The hair extensions like Zheng Shuang is slightly more intimate. The face of Liu Hai’s school girl can modify the face to look small. Oh.

It is not hot, but it is treated in color, length and thickness. It is clean and convenient.

California Volume WOB Head

short hair

This short hairstyle combines the sun and the sexy, and reveals the exquisiteness in the casual. Different lengths of California girl rolls also have different feelings.

Very short Pixie

short hair

Although many people like this style, they are afraid that their faces are not small enough to hold. In fact, we can modify the face shape through the style of bangs. Lily collin and Gao Junxi interpret this style very well and have a good aura.

Retro wave roll

short hair

In addition to the retro atmosphere, this hairstyle adds a lot of femininity and maturity. Very light and mature woman’s charm.

French bangs BoBo head

short hair

The French bangs are slightly thicker than the air bangs, and they look more elegant and advanced. The density of the bangs is natural, the hair and the bangs have a slight curvature, with a lazy atmosphere and a small femininity.

Do you have any of these five short hair styles? It’s time to cut a short hair to prove your high value!

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