Beautiful curly hair care tips

Good-looking curls are difficult to manage, which is what many women know. But women are born to love beauty, so they love beautiful curly hair. So, is the curly hair style really difficult to manage? Beauty skin care experts tell you that it is not difficult. Master the correct care skills for beautiful curls and your curls will always be perfect.

Increase the number of cleaning of oily curls

curly hair

If you are an oily hair, it is easy to stick to the scalp after the curls, so that the original fluffy hair looks awkward. If you want to make the curls become fluffy, the easiest way is to increase the number of shampoos. This can effectively relieve the oily hair and make the hair look fresh and fluffy.

Anytime elastic curly hair DIY hollow roll

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This is a method of curling that does not harm the hair and is suitable for dry hair. When the hair is 70% dry, divide the hair into hairpins 1 to 3 cm wide, then roll them evenly into curls, fix them with hair clips, then spray the shaped products, and remove the curls when dry. can.

Care solution containing almond oil

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For curly hair that is burnt and dry, the best way is to use high-nutrient nutrition for care. Hair experts recommend using an almond-containing serum to care for the hair, which increases the intensity of the hair and makes the hair healthier and more voluminous. This is because the almond essence is more likely to penetrate into the damaged hair and repair it from the inside of the hair, so that the hair is quickly restored to health!

Hair curling hair that does not hurt hair

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When using a hair dryer to blow curls, care should be taken to blow from the hair roots toward the end of the hair, otherwise the scales of the hair’s epidermis will be blown over, causing the hair to suffer damage that could have been avoided. In addition, the hair dryer should move along the direction of the comb, and the hair can produce luster, which is bright and not easy to shape.

The above is the way to care for beautiful curls. If you are also curly and want to make your hair last longer, just try these tips.

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