2018 most popular medium long hair perm

Medium-length hair is especially popular among girls, and it is the focus of good-looking girls. To make yourself look more beautiful, the following 2018 most popular medium and long hair perm is definitely not to be missed.

The medium-length hair perm of the large-volume hot roll design is really nice~ For the sister paper with less hair volume, choose a medium-length perm hair style with a fluffy air-sensing roll design to help you increase the volume. In addition to the ability to quickly increase the value and temperament.


long hair perm

In 2018, the long hair perm is popular, and the long hair perm of the large roll is really nice. For the sister paper with less hair volume, choose a fluffy airy hot roll design.

In addition to helping you increase your hair volume, hair style can quickly increase your face value and temperament. The wave-shaped large-volume perm is matched with the sexy slut’s partial valgus and the long bangs temperament is greatly increased. The dyeing of a white linen and smoky blue hair dye is even more difficult.


long hair perm

Perm is liked by many sister papers, and there are more and more perm. How can we stand out from the crowd? Try this Korean big roll with long hair perm~ and the upper part of the long hair in the chest stays natural Feeling, the design of the lower half of the small volume of hot rolls looks casual and natural, but at the same time it is too beautiful to be lazy and sexy.


long hair perm

A good-looking girl will make people want to see more eyes when they go. It is more perfect to cut a good-looking hairstyle. The medium-length hair is favored by many sister papers. What kind of long hair is popular this year? The medium and long hair perm of the hot roll design is very popular nowadays.

The medium-length hair is full of Korean-style flavors from the large-volume S-shaped curls at the ear, and the Korean style of the bangs with the eclipse of the Korean style has become soft and generous. Han Fan is full of temperament.


long hair perm

Short hair is difficult to control, long hair is difficult to manage? So long and long hair is a very good choice, long and short hair, long hair, Korean micro-volume elements, wild and eye-catching, medium long hair from the middle position slightly hot The curvature of the large volume is simple and exquisite, and the tail hair is cut out and the layered feeling is added. The design of the fluffy hot roll can also visually increase the hair volume.

The inner volume of the air bangs is covered by the forehead. The sense of curvature makes the whole shape more stereoscopic and natural, and it is very fashionable without dyeing hair.

The medium long hair is really suitable for perm. This medium long hair perm hairstyle has a very modified face shape from the ear part. It has a small face with the upper part of the bangs face. The five senses also set off a more three-dimensional, easy to create a temperament goddess fan.

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