What kind of hairstyle is suitable for the forehead

The face is different for everyone, and the proportion of facial features is the same. So some MM born with a good face that is good, and if the forehead is higher, the MM does not need to worry. So what about the forehead? What kind of hairstyle is it suitable for?

The forehead is high and the volume is large. When your forehead is relatively high, but the MM with OK is OK, you can choose to cut the hair next to or on the top of the head into bangs, and comb it down. This is also one of the most widely used methods for everyone. It is to change your face with hair. It is ok to cut into Liu Hai and oblique bangs.

Choose to wear a hat. Many girls’ facial features are very good, that is, their forehead is a bit high. At this time, you can choose to use your hat to modify your head and make your facial features the focus of others.

What are the hairstyles for the forehead

You can leave short hair. When your forehead is high, it means that your face will look longer. At this time, you can choose to keep a simple and small haircut. Even the bangs can be repaired into pieces to modify your hairline. It can help to modify your face and make your forehead less obvious.

You can choose to braid as a forehead. When you like long hair, you can choose the hair on your ear to make a small tweezers to bypass the forehead. As a modification of the forehead, it is also a good choice. In summer, it is equipped with a long skirt and fluttering. There are a lot of fairy tales, and you can dress up more idyllic.


The hair in the middle. Not all high foreheads are suitable for the middle. If you happen to have a nice, straight nose, then it doesn’t matter, you can leave a Queen’s distribution. To help you cover the hairstyle on both sides, your face looks quite perfect, if your temperament is consistent, the middle point is always the best choice for the most modified face.

All combed together. The forehead is high, but the MM is a very good looking MM, and it is also possible to go directly to the model route. As long as your hairline looks good, you can choose to comb the hair, and then tie a neat ponytail, very pure and very international model. But the premise remembers that your irrelevance and face type allow for the premise.

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