Pop wave Bobo hair in 2018

The short hair of the Bobo hair is still very popular until now, so what is the popular wave head in the new year?

Returning to Qi Hai’s Bobo hair gives people a feeling of being more clever, simple and easy to care, and the hair is buckled through the level of the tail.

The popular Bobo hair in 2018 are here

The thin bangs are easily trimmed, and the short hair with the buckle inside the layer is very temperament. The hair behind the bangs is divided into sides to make the hair fuller.

Bobo hair

Side points and eyebrows bangs with hair on both sides to face and face, the hair trimming at the end of the hair makes the hair have a curvature, so that the head shape is better.

Side-by-side bangs and eye-fried chicken can repair the face, and the inner tail buckle and the outer warp are combined to make the shape fluffy and increase the amount of hair visually.

Bobo hair

Personality of the internal injury Liu Hai with a messy buckle inside the Bobo hair is very thin, and especially fashionable. However, it takes time to take care of the day.

The same is the combination of the inner buckle and the outer warp, but it is more obvious than the inner buckle and the outer warping level.

Bobo hair

The side-by-side wave-wave head shape is arbitrarily disrupted to make the shape look more fashionable and simple.

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