Korean style fresh wig Zhafa play summer trend

In the summer, the sister papers all want to tie their hair, which is more cool and clean. However, some MM suspect that their hair is not full enough, or the length is not enough, it is more ugly to tie up. What should I do?

Today, Aimei Xiaobian brings you several Korean-style fresh hair wigs, so that you can easily grasp the trend of summer hair.

The first one: long straight hair wig


The brown wig is natural in color and gives off white and transparent skin. The mid-length Liu Hai temperament is outstanding, and the long tail of the show is particularly small and fresh.

Second paragraph: Long curly hair wig


The long side of the long bangs sticks to the ear along the cheeks, refreshing and clean. The fluffy long curly hair wig is full of femininity.

The third paragraph: long ponytail hair wig


A long hair tail wig with a very strong sense of playfulness. Qi Liuhai wig film repair effect is very obvious, tied low side of the long ponytail, attached to the wig, and then tied with a hair band into a bamboo-like shape, playful and chic.

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