Fashion wig shape makes you look like a variety of shapes

The hair style is monotonous, I don’t want to be like a day. It is too troublesome to go to the hairdressing salon to change the hair style. It is better to wear a wig to make it more convenient and changeable. Many trend people will choose to wear fashion wigs to make a concave shape.

Fashion wig style, popular wig, change is not heavy

This side-by-side large roll of bangs is perfect for beauty, and the light brown long curly hair with a bright makeup makes it more delicate and sweet.

Don’t put the shoulders on one side of the ear to reveal the delicate facial features, a felt hat, a pair of modern girl feel.


The medium straight hair straight hair has always been a girl’s favorite, this long straight hair looks more pure.

The oblique bangs highlights the perfect face shape, while the tail hair is slightly upturned and cuts, giving a stylish hair wig hairstyle.


This Qi Liu Hai pear flower human hair extensions micro-curly type, instantly repairing a lot of age. Demonstrate the feminine atmosphere of a small woman.

The oblique bangs play a very good role in modifying the face shape, while the inner buckle has a tail and is stylish.

This fluffy long curly hair shape is a good way to modify the face shape, making the facial features more prominent.


In the middle of the plus romantic volume, sweet hair style to get a few minutes, no longer have to toss a long date for a date.

Such a black natural roll wig, with green clothes, looks elegant and moving.

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